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Welcome to the website of the 10th Conference on Stochastic Models of Manufacturing and Service Operations - SMMSO 2015. The conference is organized by the University of Thessaly - Department of Mechanical Engineering and will be held at the Domotel Xenia Volos Hotel in Volos, Greece, in June 1-6, 2015. 





SMMSO 2015 is the tenth in a row of successful conferences held every other year since 1997 in Europe. The conferences started in Greece (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005) and moved to other countries (Netherlands, 2007, Italy, 2009, Turkey, 2011, and Germany, 2013). The conference names slightly varied from year to year before the name SMMSO was established in 2009. In 2015, SMMSO returns to Greece with a rich program bridging research and practice in manufacturing and service operations.


The "spirit" and content of the SMMSO conferences is summarized nicely in the Preface of the Handbook of Stochastic Models and Analysis of Manufacturing System Operations, published recently by Springer. For more information on past SMMSO conferences and publications, visit





The aim of SMMSO 2015 is to present state-of-the art research results in the development and analysis of stochastic models for the design, coordination, and control of manufacturing and service system operations which are subject to unpredictable variations and disruptions.





Typical topics covered in SMMSO 2015 include, but are not limited to:


  • Performance Analysis: Decomposition, queueing theory, Markov processes, exact and heuristic methods and simulation

  • Production Systems: Flow, transfer, and Bernoulli lines, material handling systems, open, closed, and mixed queueing network models

  • Supply Chains: Bullwhip effect, cross-docking, transportation systems

  • Production and Inventory Control: Part-release mechanisms, make-to-order/make-to-stock, push/pull systems, base stock, lean manufacturing, lead times, lot sizing

  • Quality Control: Inspection stations, defects, machine failures, feedback

  • Energy and Environment: Sustainability, recycling, and waste management

  • Optimization: Buffers, servers, workload allocation, and routing

  • Sequencing and Scheduling: Job shops, open shops, admission control, release dates

  • Engineering Economy and Finance: Evaluating alternatives, amortization, cost analysis, and cost savings





The format of SMMSO 2015 is identical to that of the previous SMMSO conferences:


  • Papers are presented in single-track sessions spread over multiple days. Sufficient time is allocated to meet and discuss research.

  • A distinguished invited speaker opens the conference with a key note talk. This year, the invited speaker is J. George Shanthikumar, Richard E. Dauch Chair in Manufacturing and Operations Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University.

  • Social events are also part of the program.


This format played a significant role to form a network of researchers specializing in stochastic modelling of manufacturing and service systems.

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